Cloud-based Medical Financial Assistance and Charity Care solution.

With Caritas360, Continuing to Care is easy for your non-profit hospital while you improve patient satisfaction, reduce staff processing time, and maintain IRS 501(r) Compliance.

What is Caritas360?

A user-friendly, web-based system for Medical Financial Assistance and Charity Care. Filling the gap in medical billing software, our “one platform, many benefits” approach optimizes healthcare revenue cycle management for tax-exempt hospitals.

Case Studies

The Problem – manual data entry, managing backlog to remain compliant with IRS 501(r) requirements, staff productivity and inefficient MFA workflow.

The Solution – Caritas360 Electronic Medical Financial Assistance and Virtual Charity Care to enhance the patient expereince, increase workflow efficiency, and maintain your non-profit status with IRS 501(r) compliance.

Get started today with Caritas360

Save Money. Enhance Patient Experience. Improve Work Flow Efficiency. Eliminate Paperwork. Increase 501(r) Compliance.

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